About Us

Founded in the UK in 1971, 4B has been an industry leader in developing high quality, innovative, and dependable material handling components for the agricultural and industrial sectors.  From elevator buckets to forged conveyor chain and level monitors to hazard monitors, 4B is a company you can rely on for the equipment you need.

Hazardmon.com is a 4B product designed specifically to integrate with and expand the T500 Hotbus system as well as the latest generation of Watchdog controllers - WDC4 Super Elite. It offers the possibility to connect multiple facilities together in a controlled hierarchial way. The system offers multiple levels of access rights as well as complex data analysis tools. All the data from the connected facilities is securely stored on our servers for 3 months and can be accessed immediately and at any time.

Hazardmon.com is a dynamic and constantly evolving project. We value our customers opinions and therefore would appreciate any Hazardmon.com usage feedback.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the "Contact Us" form or by calling us.