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Real-time Hazard Monitoring Access

With hazardmon.com you can now access your 4B Hazard Monitoring system and see real-time updates of your bearing temperature, belt alignment, and belt speeds. It is easily accessed via a web browser on your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with no additional VPN software required.

E-mail Notifications

Receive e-mail notifications to alert you of sensor alarms or system changes so that you always know what is happening at your plant. E-mail notifications contain a link to quickly access your detailed system information.


Find out how many belt misalignments you have had on your receiving leg with the click of a button. On the same graph you can see which bearings have heated above the normal operating range. Using these tools, you can analyze the alarms and pinpoint equipment that requires maintenance to keep your plant running smoothly.

Low Cost

Hazardmon.com is hosted in the cloud, so there is no expensive hardware or programming required on site. The data is collected automatically and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere. Hazardmon.com automatically scales to the size of your system, so there is nothing to program as you expand.

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